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The Planning phase of any project is essential. ACCI places extra emphasis on this stage because it will allow for better management and controlling of your project during construction.


How do we plan for your project?


ACCI assigns a team to your project which includes highly trained professionals with an array of certifications. Your team will review project scope, requirements, and scheduled targets. A Certified Professional Estimator (CPE) is one of your project team members. Your CPE provides valuable experience along with utilizing industry leading software such as Sage Timberline, On Screen Take off and Siteworx/OS. These applications automate and streamline the estimating process, ensuring that every detail is accounted for and that cost projections are accurate.

From the time a project is initiated, it can take many turns and there are many things that change and need to be coped with during Project Management. In order for effective management of projects to take place, it is extremely important that regular updates and changes are made to the schedule. Your Project Manager (PM) employs Critical Path Method (CPM) Schedule along with Building information Modeling (BIM) to avoid any issues or risk that may arise during the construction phase. Autodesk Revit and Navisworks (BIM) create 3-D models and simulations of your project. These models provide in depth analysis for sustainable design, fabrication, clash detection and more. These tools allow ACCI and the client to make informed decisions during the planning phase will avoid extra cost and delays during the construction phase.


We know that a successful project is more than just good numbers and a contractor that shows up. That's why at ACCI we cultivate our client relationships with what you're looking for, Ability, Integrity, and Performance.


How do we Manage your project?


Collaboration with all the various disciplines in a project can be a challenge in a project which is why we communicate and involve all parties to foster a harmonious and productive team. Once the prime contractors are on board we will conduct a pre-construction meeting as well was weekly project meetings. These meetings set the tone of the project to bring all contractors (prime and subcontractors) together as a team. They will know what is expected of them regarding cooperation and tight scheduling.


A full time Field Superintendent works onsite to direct all field operations. This enables us to continuously evaluate the work in progress and identify issues that could impact the schedule. Field Superintendents are equipped with technology to communicate with the main office and to document the daily activities of the project. Sage Construction Project Center is a document management and field control solution that keeps construction projects on schedule and on budget through complete project control.

Project scheduling is not a one-time event, but a process which is initiated at the inception of the project and continued all the way through until project completion. We aim to be prepared for the future before it happens but most important, it requires dealing with the reality of problems, delays, changes, obstacles which is why we operate using the Critical Path Method Schedule system.


Implementing a plan to control the destiny of your project is not that simple. ACCI has a systematic and proactive approach to controlling your project. Our control is not a position of authority, its based on three parameters: where you are, compared with where you’re supposed to be; (b) what lies ahead that can affect you; and (c) where you’re going to end up, compared with where you said you want to end up.


How do we implement your plan?

Our approach focuses on Quality Control, Value Engineering and Cost Control.


Quality Control is performed by our Field Superintendent who is responsible for documenting detailed reports which are then forwarded to the Project Manager. An initial inspection will be performed by the field superintendent and will report the detail of work, such as; checklists of equipment and materials, tests performed, method of installation, site preparation, work performed to prepare for the next operation, noting defective or damaged materials, work omitted, changes and any additional needs. A follow-up inspection will include all the results of onsite inspections of work being performed in accordance with the contract requirements. All testing shall be performed and proper maintenance work is completed.

The Project Manager's approach to Value Engineering maximizes the effect of every dollar spent and is a critical component of our process. This includes cost analysis, identification of alternates, construction feasibility, consideration relative to labor and material availability, and effect on the project schedule. Our role is to investigate and suggest viable design alternatives that will avoid unnecessary expenditures and provide improved value and economy while maintaining the design intent and owner goals.


Cost Control is a team effort between the Project Manager and the Certified Professional Estimator. ACCI maintains a database of information on current regional labor and material costs and consistently reviews historical data compiled from similar projects to determine the best methods and materials available to complete the project on time and within budget. Our CPE establishes an estimate for each proposed change order while the Project Manager reviews, negotiates, and approves the change order.

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