​​Large building projects have become increasingly complex and expensive, yet there is tremendous pressure to shorten the schedule and contain the budget. ACCI provides CM services in every phase of the project:


  • Pre-Referendum Phase

  • Pre-Construction Phase

  • Bid Phase

  • Construction Phase

  • Post Construction Phase


What Makes ACCI Different From Everyone Else?

​​We don’t want to state the usual construction rhetoric of quality and speed because we feel those items are non-negotiable. So why is ACCI different from everyone else? We form a partnership that works with you from pre-construction to completion.


Our 34 years experience as a true Construction Manager (CM) and General Contractor (GC) has allowed us to continuously develop an innovative approach to plan, manage and control your project. What good is a CM if he does not know how to build, and what good is a GC if he does not know how to manage? ACCI delivers the best of both worlds.


We deliver value because we understand and address matters that raise concern due to the project. We communicate with organizations at all levels, identifying issues and helping to develop solutions.


While most Construction Manager’s will assign a Project Manager to your project, ACCI provides an entire project team of professionals to manage your project.


The Executive Project Manager/Principal of our company acts as the point of contact for the Owner.​ A Project Manager will oversee the coordination between Owner, Architect, and Prime Contractors.​​ The Project Estimator will assemble a full cost estimate of the project to aid the Owner in establishing a budget as well as reviewing proposed change orders for fair market value.​ Our Administration team documents the progress of each phase of construction by tracking correspondence, budgets, construction documents, providing status updates as needed.  A Field Superintendent will work from a field office on the job site to coordinate daily activities between the Prime Contractors and Subcontractors.