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Project Value: $511,000

Completion Date: 2002

Architect: S/L/A/M Architects

Arris Contracting Company, Inc. has been involved with numerous projects for the Kingston Hospital and was again selected for the new 5,000 square foot Diagnostic Center, which included a state of the art MRI installation.


Arris Contracting worked closely with the Radiology Department and the MRI equipment vendor to ensure a meticulous coordinated project. The team set forth a demanding schedule; all requirements and parameters were far exceeded.


The project featured various MRI control, support and equipment rooms, a glass block rotunda waiting room and a central nurse / reception station with computer-integrated casework.


Due to the advancements of technology, the MRI suite rear wall was designed and constructed to be fully accessible. This allows for the ease of installation of new equipment. Arris Contracting has twice been involved with this very installation of superior equipment. A quick and properly coordinated turnover was required due to the importance of this room.

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