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Client: Yorktown Central School District

Location: Yorktown, NY

Project Value: $40.3 Million

Completion Date: Ongoing

​Architect: KSQ Architects

After completion of the Construction Management services for their Administration Building, Arris Contracting Company, Inc. (ACCI) was retained by the Yorktown Central School District for a $40.3 Million District-Wide Renovation project which started in 2006. The multiphase project consisted of many district-wide and school specific renovations and installations.


District Wide:

A. A state-of-the-art security system was installed providing card reader access for access control, night time monitoring security cameras, security cameras, and building remote lockdown capabilities. All of the schools were networked to enable monitoring from a central location or remotely.


B. A state-of-the-art communication system was also installed which networks the entire school district, utilizing technology from Cisco. The communication system ties into the existing PA system and works in conjunction with the security system providing 2-way communications with any classroom at any school in the event of a lockdown.


C. A wireless clock system was also installed to control every clock in the district providing easier management for items such as day light savings. Additional district-wide work consisted of refinishing gymnasium floors, asbestos abatement of VAT flooring, and replacement with new resilient flooring as required.


D. Data infrastructure was upgraded throughout the District. All existing data cables were identified and labeled and Cat 6 cable was installed where necessary for new equipment. Wireless services were also added to each building which enabled the usage of laptops freely throughout the building for students and staff.


E. Pond Restoration project for the middle school and high school. The District's main campus receives a small stream and storm water from several locations which collects in a centrally located pond. Over the years the pond was becoming utrified with silt and salt runoff from the roadway. Additionally during heavy storms the stream crossing Route 202 would overflow the upper practice fields, flooding them and preventing usage. A full pond restoration project was designed to improve storm water flow through the campus while also providing a cleaner environment for the surrounding wildlife. New 48 HDPE piping catch basins and headwalls were installed to transfer the water smoothly from Route 202 to the lower area. The pond was dredged regarded and new plants, shrubs and boulders provided a functional and aesthetically pleasing upgrade.


Elementary Schools: Complete boiler room replacements at Crompond and Mohansic elementary schools. Total roof replacement with abatement at Crompond Elementary, new walks and repaving at Brookside Elementary, new electrical panels/feeders at Mohansic. New cafeteria ceiling/lighting at Brookside elementary. The French Hill elementary also received boiler replacements.


Middle School: The existing natatorium at the middle school was in dire need of upgrades. A complete automated pool filtration system with remote read access was installed. A Dectron dehumidification unit was added to reduce the humidity of the pool area and improve heat recovery of the HVAC system. All new finishes were installed along with hanging acoustic wall panels, ceramic tiles, and overhead lighting. The middle school also received a complete boiler replacement, doors and windows, and new sidewalks/paving.


High School: The high school received a complete gut and replacement of the locker room, a new fitness center, and a complete auditorium renovation. The track and turf field are also being replaced along with a construction of a new press box. The high school computer server room also received a new HVAC system to provide the necessary environment for the new server and networking equipment. Additionally, ACCI replaced soffits, lockers, doors, hardware, and also upgraded the nurses suite.


Arris and Value Engineering


After one elementary gymnasium received new ceiling mounted air handlers, it was noted that the existing wood trusses had some structural cracking which was gradually worsening over the years. The structural engineers inspected the conditions and recommended new steel trusses and replacement of the roof system which was estimated to cost the district $1.2 million. ACCI met with the structural engineer and presented a plan to remove/replace only the damaged bottom-cord sections of the trusses utilizing splice plates and Glulam® beams. The engineer ran the calculations and confirmed that it was a viable solution. The work was performed in less than a month and cost the district under $100,000,  saving the district approximately over $1,000,000.


Occasionally construction plans will call for the complete removal/replacement of existing construction when only partial is required. For example, on one recent project, the engineer designed a complete removal of an existing parking lot including subbase to be replaced with new. When ACCI inspected the existing conditions, it was observed that the subbase and asphalt base were in excellent condition with no areas of depression or instability. ACCI recommended a top course milling asphalt whereby only the top 2" of pavement is removed and then repaved. This provided the Owner with a new lot at a fraction of the cost.


Another example of material reuse occurred during an electrical replacement which was scheduled for an elementary school. The design called for new panels, conduits, and feeders for all of the electric service throughout the building. ACCI met with the contractor and developed a process whereby the electrician pulled new feeders through existing conduits where possible, saving around $20,000 in new conduit costs.

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